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To create money, every living human receives 1 coin per hour, 8766 coins a year. So a family with two children receive a total of about 35,000 coins per year. Worldwide! An app on your phone does that. These coins are however also reduced  by 40% per year. This way there will never be inflation again. There will be no use for banks anymore. Money creation becomes a right of the people.

1coinh (CPH) is NOT crypto and all transactions are fully visible. When you buy a loaf of bread, the baker can see that your (digital) coins are real. He can see for example that you paid the butcher. He also knows and other transactions with people or other organisations. In other words: the more transactions you do, the more reliable you become!

Finally: everyone keeps 1 house to live in. Without a mortgage or rent. It will all be cancelled (because all “old” money was created by the corrupt banking system). Some people will own bigger houses than others. Yes, that will often not be fair at all, but it is still better than losing everything you own to banks and the shadowy families that own them. Maybe you will decide to swap your house for that smaller apartment of a growing family. 


Unethical Money

It's unfair that a few families can press a button, create trillions of dollars, own it, lend it out to governments and others, ultimately stealing all wealth in the world.

Ethical Money

The only ethical way to create money, is when every living human being participates equally in the creation of it and is never again afraid of not having the means to survive.

Ethical Money is a Human Right

No cabal should ever create unethical money again. Every living human being must be allowed to generate ethical money, by making ALL money creation a Human Right.

“It's a shame, people don't understand the banking and monetary system, for if they did, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Teun van Sambeek
(or was it Henri Ford’s quote?)


We are... YOU!
We take the power back!
Awake & Open Source versus
the Ghost of the Machine

Every human being becomes a warrior. You use your brain, and your freedom of speech to contact your relatives and friends. You talk, you help building and testing if you can, and spread the word, whenever you can.

One Coin per Hour per living Human Being

Closing the Wealth Inequality Gap


Imagine a financial system where every living human being receives one coin per hour. A system where people are really self-sovereign and no centralised bank or government institution can interfere with how you spend or receive your money. A system that runs on mobile devices but doesn’t need internet connection …ever. A system where coins depreciate 40% per year to make sure no inflation can occur and there is a proper incentive to spend money and be active in society.


1CoinH found the only logical way to redistribute the wealth that was structurally stolen from the 99.99% of the world population and returns financial power to where it belongs: The People.


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