Global money system?

Should the alternative money system be able to work worldwide?

Resistance to Communism 2.0 will begin at the local level. You can see this, for example, in the Society 4.0 initiative. This is also necessary because – if the governments and institutions no longer work for the people – the people themselves will have to take matters into their own hands.

The first thing the people need do is to ensure that basic facilities (food, drink, shelter, clothing, etc.) are provided. This can only be done at a local level. But of course there are things that can be organized internationally.

Not every region has to reinvent the wheel or, for example, report on the world news itself. It is also not possible for every region to produce all semi-finished or finished products.

Regions will therefore cooperate with other regions on many fronts. It therefore makes sense that an alternative financial system could work worldwide. It seems undesirable to do this through a complex system of border exchange offices. International communication makes border exchange offices to determine and trade the value of regional currencies seem inefficient and a step back in time. Ensuring that the chosen solution also works interregional is also very important to prevent segregation (and even regional wars).

You can therefore conclude that an interregional (worldwide) solution is strongly preferred.

Still Have Questions?

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