What is Communism 2.0?

What is Communism 2.0?

Communism 2.0 is a term to name the society that the Money Printers have in store for us. It is the society where all property goes to the Money Printers and they keep the population under control in an ultra authoritative way. They do this in “Smart Cities” that use video surveillance, facial recognition and the Wi-Fi and microphone of your smartphone and countless other “Smart Devices” such as your doorbell and your refrigerator to literally keep an eye on everything in your life.

They then use the cashless society and their programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to completely control your freedom of movement and choice and punish you financially when desired by the technocrats. Because your income is made completely dependent on the government through a Universal Basic Income (UBI), you can only influence your income with your obedience. This obedience will be tracked down to the finest detail in the Social Credit System (SCS) the Money Printers already have operational in China.

This complete technocratic, transhumanistic dystopia is what you call “Communism 2.0”. It’s nothing less than the most perfect form of slavery that destroys all your human rights.

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