SCS criminality prevention?

Does a Social Credit Score prevent criminality?

Claims that a social credit system will reduce crime are pure propaganda. The crime is almost entirely caused by the debt slave system, including the lying media, the sick healthcare system, the fascist police and other abuses under the umbrella of the government.

Crime probably has nothing to do with the basic mentality of a people, but with the amount of misery that is poured out on them through the countless disease realized plans of the Money Printers. And the same people who pour this misery are also the architects of this completely reprehensible social credit system.

So: First ensure that people can survive normally, see how much better they behave and only then start thinking about whether you should still put them in a digital cage. Most likely it will never be taken out of the closet again. The social credit system is really a textbook example of problem, reaction, solution. We are totally being played.

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