1. The Purpose of 1CoinH

1. The Purpose of 1CoinH

Detailed Description of the 1CoinH Technology

Fake Emergencies
The Napoleon Wars, all other important (World) Wars, The War on Terror, Covid-19, The War in Ukraine, Climate Change, ‘Cyber Polygon’, the nitrogen crisis, the Monkey pox and now Taiwan. People that are awake know that all these ‘Fake Emergencies’ are created and pushed by a tiny group of people (The Money Printers) that own the Central Banks, the governments, the media, the healthcare systems and other assets that complete their 99+% of everything that there is to own on this world. The reason is clear. The pyramid scheme – that is called ‘The Financial System’ has reached the end of it’s lifespan. Global debt is spiralling out of control because the interest rates can’t be raised above zero. Exponential money printing and the final transfer of remaining wealth from the people to the Money Printers is unavoidable when we allow them to continue to be in charge. The Money Printers will try to make people believe it was the ‘Fake Emergencies’ that transferred the remaining financial freedom of people, and will try to convince the people that a two-tier Communism 2.0 society where the Money Printers own everything, and where the people rely on their CBDC’s, Universal Basic Income, and a social credit system (SCS). Where all people are really slaves slaves that should be happy to accept the tyranny of the Money Printers. This off course because the masses should believe that humanity can only survive the ‘Fake Emergencies’ when the masses give up all their human rights and accept the Money Printers’ tyrannical New World Order government forever.

Non Comply
Escaping this emerging Communism 2.0 can only be achieved by non complying to it. This ‘Opting Out’ will however mean that you lose most access to money, food, transport, internet and any other services that once were considered Basic Human Rights. Cryptocurrencies, precious metals and local coins don’t provide a real solution, because the Money Printers have full control over these systems, So to opt out and still have a type of money to help the exchange of goods and services, a parallel ethical coins needs to be developed. It should be a fully open source, decentralised system that doesn’t need the internet. 1CoinH is such type of money.

Fix Wealth Inequality
History proved clearly that communism and collectivism don’t work. I is also clear that wealth (of which about $1000 trillion is owned by the Money Printers, and only about $10 trillion among the people including all ‘listed’ millionaires and billionaires) needs to be structurally redistributed and a much purer market capitalism must be initiated. 1CoinH is a system where every person is enabled to unconditionally create 1 coin per hour for every hour that person is alive. Coins that depreciate quickly (40% per year) so there is an incentive to spend, and others have an incentive to produce things or deliver services other people would like to pay for.

Currency vs Money
1CoinH will mainly act as a “currency” and not as a Store of Value (also referred to as “money”). The use of 1CoinH can therefore be characterised as “rather liquid”. The 1CoinH main purpose is create money in an ethical way, and to redistribute wealth in a proper way. Once your coins are in your wallet, you use it in a much fairer capitalistic system. When you are lazy you will need most of your coins to cover for your basic necessities. But if you work hard, you can earn a lot of coins. Because of the strong depreciation, it will be sensible (when you have a lot of coins) to transfer then in a proper Store of Value like precious metals or real estate.

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing like we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.