Protect against Communism 2.0

How can I protect myself against Communism 2.0?

Most news about how you should protect yourself against any financial meltdowns is manipulated. Most solutions (like to get a few months of cash or to protect yourself by buying gold or silver) only protect some people for some time. So it is fine to do so, but it’s just patchwork. The bottom line is that governments are not working to protect you financially, they are working to destroy you financially (even when most politicians have no clue what they are doing). And they will succeed, because the Money Printers are controlling this, and they need the destruction to implement their Communism 2.0. Everything is aligned to destroy the economy and to introduce us (force us) to this Communism 2.0, which is the combination of CBDC, UBI and SCS or social credit system. So the current financial system will fail, which is intentionally. The only questions are when and how exactly.

One thing is sure: 3 months of cash or some people with some gold will not save us. Also the government is not going to save us. The government is the vehicle that is used by the Money Printers to destroy us as fast as possible. And the people in the West have exposed themselves to this by being ignorant of this threat.

Like Larkin Rose says: The most dangerous superstition is the believe in authority.

To get ourselves out of this mess, the first thing is to abandon everything authority tells us and to become self sufficient. Get all your money out. Sell all your stuff, get some land with a borehole, some solar panels, a shed and start growing your own food. Because in hyperinflation you will lose everything you don’t own.

If you decide to stay in your house, the following seems best: buy dried food and some solar panels. Meet some farmers that are close to your place. Exchange your addresses and tell them about what’s happening in reality. Refer them to Ask the farmers to help you as you will help them to protect the farmers against the governments and banks.

Pledge that – when hyperinflation strikes – you will consider (or even register in an alternative register) your house as your full property, even if it it has a mortgage, or you rent it. You do the same with your car. Let people know that you will never leave your house, even when inflation causes you to skip mortgage or rent payments, because the financial system scammed you intentionally out of your money. Tell everyone you know to do the same.

Very important: Never give up your sovereignty. Never accept the digital ID, never accept the CBDC, never accept their UBI and most of all: never accept any form of a social credit system. Refuse Communism 2.0 with everything you got, because it will take all your Human Rights and they will kill you. Ask the Russians how Siberia worked for them.

And finally: Talk with everyone you know about Ethical Money, help developing it and start using it as soon as it becomes available.

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing like we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.