Too much children?

Won't people just get many kids and overpopulate the planet?

Overpopulation is not a problem. It’s all propaganda by trans-humanist and technocrats that want to reduce the world population so they need to worry about less people fighting them. In reality, the world can easily handle 100 billion people.

When people have no uncertainty about their pension, they won’t need to have large families with like 10 children either.

At the moment under-population seems a bigger problem. People with old populations need more young people to take care of these elder people. Countries like Japan and various Western countries are already below 2.1 children, which means population is declining there.

The world’s population will see the strongest drop ever in the next 10 years because of the vaccine-bio-weapon plus all the other misery (food shortages-wars-homeless-refugee misery) that the Money Printers deliberately are getting us into.

Also because Ethical Money makes the pursuit of money much less important, having children to “earn money” won’t be an issue.

The conclusion is that when children also receive a full coin per hour, this doesn’t mean that problems with overpopulation are to be be expected.

Still Have Questions?

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