Ken O'Keefe on Head of Snake

Ken O'Keefe on Cutting Off the Head of the Snake

Copenhagen, Sep 19th 2015

If there was one physical subject. One material subject, that we should focus on in my opinion, it is very clear, that the head of the snake is the financial system.

We can argue ’til the end of time about who runs the world. Is it the Jesuits? Is it the reptilians? Is it the Illuminati? Is it the Freemasons? We can go on and on and on and on about this. But I don’t think it is reasonable to even begin arguing about the mechanism that is used to exert this control.

The mechanism is finance. The whole point of finance is to in-debt, otherwise to enslave.

What is a mortgage? I mean: What does that stand for? It’s a death-grip. So when you get a mortgage, you have a death-grip held over you, because you are in debt. You don’t even own the house. The bank owns the house, that loans you the money to buy the house, Unless you are fortunate enough to have all the money to buy it outright. And even then, you can be taxed by the government, and if you fail to keep up with those taxes, the government can then take it from you.

The whole system is based on a financial fraud, which effectively takes the power that we have, and it gives it to a tiny group of individuals who are running the world through the control of finance, with the infinite supply of money that we have allowed them to take. They have literally an infinite supply of money.

And with that money, in from their psychopathic point of view, they have bought everything and everyone that can be bought. So those of us who cannot be bought, because we operate on a level that goes way beyond the material, we are not rewarded for such behaviour, we are punished for such behaviour. And the most slovenly, disgustingly, criminal, paedophilia, ah you know corrupt, immoral individuals… those are the ones that are rewarded, in this system – which is upside-down – we reward the paedophiles, we reward the corrupt, we reward the liars, we reward the people with no morals at all. And usually we compromise them, under this system, in terms of maybe a videotape. Maybe Barack Obama is gay. Maybe we have videotape of him having sex with another man, or perhaps some other acts that may be not so popular among many of the electorate. Or maybe we have videos of political leaders having sex with little boys or little girls. If I was in charge of the world and I was a psychopath, and completely drunk on my own power, you can bet damn sure that’s what I would do. I wouldn’t allow anyone in a position of power who wasn’t completely compromised. When you have an infinite supply of money, you can do this.

Take that supply of money away, take that power back, put it in the hands of the people, get rid of fractional reserve banking – which is an obscenity in itself – listen to the lessons of Jesus Christ – if you’re a Christian – who got really pissed off when he went to the temple and he saw what the money changers were doing.

Let’s take back control of the issuance of money, and not just on a national level. I’m happy to see in Denmark, that you have your own currency, you don’t have the Euro. But on every’s countries level. They should be issuing their own currencies, in a transparent, non-usury based way. In which it really, truly benefits the people.

And in that way we can literally free ourselves from the banking debt, which is drowning us all. And we can stop scrambling for the crumbs from the table of these filthy rich psychopaths and live in a state of abundance, just by changing this one thing. And I’m not just talking about abundance for Western nations, who have an artificially inflated value, with their currencies. We all in the West are guilty on having that reward, while the rest of the world is sucking on it. Every nation in the world can use a sensible financial policy, to liberate themselves, to have world class education, infrastructure, everything that a healthy society would require, can be had in the worst, most corrupt, African country, in any part of the world we can all have that, if we simply change that one thing.

John F. Kennedy did that about 6 month before he was taken out: He issued United States notes, as opposed to Federal Reserve notes. I can assure you the powers that be, knew the power of that act and they took him right out.

So the bottom line is: If we as people understand this very simple principle, just this one thing, change this one thing, we can solve every other problem you can name. I don’t care what the problem is. I can bring it back to the financial system, and an infinite amount of money for a bunch of psychopaths, who are running the world as opposed to an abundance supply of money for all of us.

So in that sense I’m very optimistic. This is not rocket science. I’m not the smartest guy in the room. We can all understand this. And as soon as we do, we can exercise the same power that we had, but relinquished, and we can have a future for ourselves and our children. 

There’s a lot to be optimistic about quite frankly.

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