Keep house when hyperinflation?

Can you continue to live in your house if you lose the property in hyperinflation?

Since 2008 we live in a zombie economy. This means that economic activity does not arise from productivity improvement or innovation, but because loans (and refinancing) became increasingly cheaper, which means that things seem to be going well.

In reality, the last 15 years have seen the largest value/ownership transfer ever, with the Money Printers taking over assets here and there with freshly printed money or through their extremely favourable refinancing schemes.

Now that the interest rate has fallen below 0% and the (hyper)inflation is very well felt by the masses, the next era is dawning. This is a time of a complete shakeout. By raising interest rates quickly, the last smaller self-employed entrepreneurs and homeowners quickly get into the final problems. In addition, homeowners will also be bombarded with all kinds of higher municipal taxes and other housing costs and will see their assets quickly evaporate. The ownership of these houses will be bought up through the banks by Money Printer vehicles such as BlackRock.

However, if the houses are unaffordable for the common man and can no longer live in those houses, those houses quickly lose their value. It is therefore to be expected that all residents (tenants and owners) will be offered the opportunity to continue living in their homes provided they participate in the CBDC systems, accept a UBI and participate in the Social Credit System (SCS) via a digital Covid passport issued by the same Money Printers.

And when the economy goes down in hyperinflation, it is better to realize that this is done deliberately by the Money Printers. They have been doing this for centuries through their criminal pyramid scheme: The current financial system.

The moment you are no longer able to pay your mortgage, rent or lease, the only right thought is: I will stop participating in this criminal system and just consider my house and car as my rightful property. In fact: With like-minded people I will also register it as my rightful property.

From that moment on I will only accept ethical money, because that is my human right. In that situation I will never have to pay again for the full ownership of my house and my car. In that situation I can certainly continue to live in my home after the hyperinflation.

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing like we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.