Babies and Incapacitated?

How are the wallets of babies or incapacitated people handled?

No one comes into the world as a competent adult. We need the herd to gain knowledge to become viable in the world, so adult advocacy is inseparable from that. Age is a number, so an arithmetic trigger. Who is is the guardian of a child is more difficult. Without a check on the spot, that becomes tricky. Don’t we need a “basic registration” as a human to manage the ID’s of the babies and incapacitated people that can’t handle their 1CoinH wallets?.

The beauty of 1CoinH is the decentralised self-sovereign identity system. Your credibility in the 1CoinH community sufficiently determines whether you “are”. And even then you can decide to get out of your “ID” at any time. That’s a concept most people can’t wrap their heads around. The 1CoinH community determines who they trust as a guardian of a child or incapacitated person, and about, for example, at what age the child can decide for himself about his wallet. There is therefore no need for a registration centre.

So if you register your dog as if it were a newborn human (just like the father or mother creates a profile when their baby is born) then it is up to the recipient of the coins to find out whether it is a dog or a baby. If that person does not do that properly, then he runs a (very high) chance that the baker who has to accept these dog coins will sort it out properly and then not accept your dog coins, and may even no longer want to do business with you for the time being.

In the 1CoinH society, we are moving towards “people of honour and prestige”, instead of basing respect on someones wealth. The difference between “Having” and “Being” is becoming increasingly clear. This is a crucial starting point, especially in the local functioning of communities, where we want to lay the foundations of power.

With 1CoinH’s Self-Sovereign Identity, it is even possible to set up a highly reliable voting system. It may not feel comfortable if your identity is “backed by money”. But it seems that’s the only way. In addition, ethical money is less important because we will have all our houses and cars free. Ethical money will be like a thumbs up in a few years. The fact that you then link your identity to that type of money should not be problematic.

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing like we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.