Will Fiat go down in hyperinflation?

Will fiat money go down in hyperinflation?

If fiat money is not quickly replaced by the CDBC’s then a collapse in hyperinflation of all fiat currencies is inevitable. People who suffer from the ever-increasing inflation and tax burden from the government and can no longer make ends meet will one by one receive a proposal to hand over their assets to the state in order to participate in the basic income of the government. Life will become unaffordable for everyone who does not work for the government, multinationals or other organisations that are directly fed by the money tap. For them, the offer to participate in the government’s basic income program will become increasingly attractive.

The group that will participate in the CBDC is expected to be higher (certainly in the beginning) than the group that opts for alternatives. To survive as an alternative in this transitional period, regions and their local markets must be self-sufficient and able to withstand the police and military forces likely to be deployed against these rebellious regions. It is important that these regions become a shining example in addition to exposing the lies of the Money Printers and their executors. Promoting the real reason behind the demise of Fiat money and the freedom of the dissident regions will be decisive in preserving our freedoms and human rights.

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