Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ethical Money?

What can I do to get Ethical Money?

What is Communism 2.0?

How can I protect myself against Communism 2.0?

Is economic and environmental balance the main goal of Ethical Money?

Do we need money at all?

Does money needs to be backed by gold?

Should we exchange CPH to CBDC or Fiat?

Is Fiat a pyramid scheme?

Will Fiat money go down in hyperinflation?

Is the destruction of farmers, fishermen and middle class inevitable?

Does a Social Credit Score prevent criminality?

Will the CBDC, UBI and Social Credit System be forced?

Will the CBDC, UBI and SCS be successful?

Can you keep your house when there is hyperinflation?

Who are these Money Printers families?

Can we expect a direct democracy with strong institutions?

Should we build our own society?

Are we fast enough with alternative self-sustaining communities?

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.