Do we need money at all?

Do we need money at all?

There is enough wealth and technology on Earth to make a society possible without money.

If we assume a ban on electronic money, it is quite certain that small gold and silver pieces that are ‘swapped’ will be used as money, as we have seen in history. It should be clear that it is not possible to exclude small valuables from bartering. Because products will take over the function of Fiat-currency in this imaginary situation, these products will be in the hands of the same small group of psychopaths.

Leaving the Fiat-currency system and banning electronic money alone, will not change much in the current power structures and in the current obscene wealth inequality.

So if we conclude that we still need money to keep the exchange system running smoothly and a ban on electronic money does not help our current situation, it is important to look at alternative electronic solutions that we can design to create electronic money and to administer transactions with it. More importantly, however, it will probably take decades to get used to a life where money plays a less and less important role.

So yes, an alternative money system is badly needed, if only to bridge the time until people can live without money. Going directly to a society without money now seems unrealistic, partly in view of all the alternatives that remain in circulation for the time being. So the only question that remains is how we design this system in such a way that the world will never again end up in the situation we are in now.

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