Data Harvesting?

What about data harvesting of Big-Tech?

Data is the new oil that fuels the Economy, is what we hear from economists and the (business) news. Now when we want to escape this toxic economic system, do we need to stop sharing our data and protect our personal data so Big-Data companies won’t make so much money? Is hiding our personal data a way to stop Big-Tech being on top of the economic game? And what about 1CoinH where all our data about our Self-Sovereign Identities and all transactions are shared with everyone we transact with? Is this not just helping Big-Tech become even stronger?

It is clear that big companies are spending billions of dollars on data collecting (often without making profit). This has nothing to do with the (fake) narrative that data is economical new oil. The Big-Tech companies spent so much money on data because the “Money Printers” (the owners of the central banks), need to install a full surveillance state to protect themselves against the people that are waking up about the scam that the financial system is. Big Tech already collected about everything about everyone, because the Money Printers ultimately need everyone on a digital ID to roll out the CBDC combined with UBI and a social credit system. It has nothing to do with a new economical important business model to out compete the competition. The big companies are doing so well because their owners can print endless amounts of money to spy on you and not because it makes economic sense. The Money Printers did print trillions of dollars to invest in their own Big-Tech companies to spy on you and to ultimately enslave you.

So thinking that putting yourself in charge over your data has any economical importance (that you can personally benefit on selling your personal data, because you have it in an encrypted vault or whatever fancy name you would give your personal file), will do almost nothing. Not for you and not for the companies that – supposedly – thrive on big data.

The new economies will be local, and initially will be solely be based on agricultural products, construction products and later on the more temporary tangible products we know. Data will be of almost no economic importance. Indeed, with the full transparent 1CoinH Personal Blockchains, data collection will be much easier and will probably be done fully free, as efficiency should be beneficial to everyone and not be monopolised by big companies to outsmart competition.

In the New Society (4.0) all information should be free: No copyrights, no patents, nothing. All music, films, books, software and other data should be free and authors should be rewarded with money that resembles “thumbs ups” rather than having the old type of money that wants to hide and monopolise data. Information shouldn’t be a weapon to manipulate people. Information should be fully free, so people can and will use it to be educated.

So creating personal vaults to make some money because you have a tiny bit more control over a tiny portion of your personal surveillance data is thinking in the old – corrupted, monopolised, manipulated economy we so desperately need to leave and destroy. These vaults will not help, on the contrary, they will just keep the old stuff survive a little longer.

To be clear: It is very good to use apps that reduce the grip of Big-Tech on your personal data. It should only be clear that we won’t out-compete Big-Tech in collecting data, in a way that is enough to pain them in any way. It will take 2 generations at least for the Big-Data-data they already have collected about us, to water down.

There seems to be no way to fight the Money Printers in their (rigged economic) system at all. There is only one way to fight this and that is to leave their economic system and create our own (Ethical) economic system. Without them or even without trying to fight them. We only need to think about leaving them and we shouldn’t be caring what bad things will happen to them if we take away some of their data.

Still Have Questions?

The 1CoinH / Ethical Money system is nothing like we have ever seen before. We can imagine you have plenty of questions left.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us. It also helps us to understand what we haven’t explained well enough.