Is Crypto a solution?

Will crypto be adopted by the general public?

There are several very big problems with crypto:

  1. The keys cannot be made secure. Big Tech can quite easily install spyware that completely tracks your keystrokes and data traffic on your phone and laptop via the Operating System and supported by legislation. For non-technical people, crypto becomes very dangerous.
  2. Due to KYC and various government regulations, it is very difficult for large groups to buy into crypto.
  3. Many people have no money to buy into crypto at all.
  4. Various countries are banning crypto and it looks like the government rules will soon become many times stricter.
  5. The tax on crypto exchange profits will also become much heavier.
  6. When your crypto is stolen, you are almost always completely powerless.
  7. Various currencies (including Bitcoin) are struggling with scaling up and energy consumption.
  8. Crypto also does not solve the wealth inequality in the world.
  9. The massive manipulation and fluctuations in value also make crypto not a friendly alternative to Fiat Currencies.
  10. For crypto, the internet must be “up”. Because all internet providers are in the hands of the Money Printers and they can therefore block internet access for large groups of people, it is unwise for an alternative society to rely entirely on crypto.
  11. More than 95% of all crypto is probably in the hands of the Money Printers. This allows them to manipulate the price at will without incurring any damage themselves, whereby the “common man” is always the victim of price fluctuations.

By making the internet inaccessible for crypto transactions and by setting up the operating systems in such a way that everything related to crypto is tracked and reported, it is quite easy for the Money Printers to enforce any legal ban on crypto. It is also to be expected that in the event of a legal ban, traitors will be deployed who will report crypto transactions they do with you. Due to all these problems, no adoption of crypto is expected on a scale that will displace Fiat-currencies or CBDCs.

Still Have Questions?

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