Logical Steps For A Peaceful Society

The current financial system is a Ponzi scheme. It is created to enslave people and to take away their properties. Especially in times of war this effect is accelerated. That is why the families that own all central banks started every war in the last 400 years. Through pandemic emergency laws they want to push everyone on a digital ID and next to use programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies. The CDBC is the perfect slave system, designed to serve the people that want to be rulers in a one world dictatorship through the United Nations, the WHO and the WEF.

One by one people will however see through the lies the media (that are owned by the same families) are feeding us for ages. Once you understand what these people have done you will understand why there is only one logical answer. Abandon their system completely and start over with a financial system that breaks two monopolies:

  1. Instead of having only a tiny group of psychopaths benefiting from their monopoly to create money out of thin air, we use a coin that is created and constantly evenly distributed among all users.

  2. Instead of allowing only banks and governments to see all your transactions, the only logical alternative is providing everyone full insight in everyone else’s transactions.


How this exactly works you can read in a 40MB book that you can download here for free.